Clara Dhea Wijaya - Desain Interior

KITA Community House

Clara Dhea Wijaya - Design Interior Bronze Winner AYDA 2020
Nama : Clara Dhea Wijaya
Universitas : Universitas Pelita Harapan
Jurusan : Desain Interior
Tema : KITA Community House
Penghargaan : Bronze Award, 2020
Kategori : Desain Interior

Project Description

Today, young generation represent the largest amount of population in Indonesia. However this generation are prone to false identity, ending up in various juvenile delinquencies instead of productivity. To prevent this young generation from the pitfall of false identity, they need a healthy community to help them explore their talents and develop their potentials to reach their productivity goals.

Founded upon a vision to introduce music as local identity to young generation of Indonesia, KITA [stands for Komunitas Ilmu Tata Nada] Community has become a flourishing ground for young generation to develop their talents in music. This community stands by a solid cause to help the young generation of Indonesia discover their identity through music and reach their productivity goals to finally contribute towards the prosperous future of Indonesia.

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