Tan Stanisia Finley Buwono - Arsitektur

Middle Qubicle

Tan Stanisia Finley Buwono - AYDA 2020 Bronze Winner
Nama : Tan Stanisia Finley Buwono
Universitas : Universitas Kristen Petra
Jurusan : Arsitektur
Tema : Middle Qubicle
Penghargaan : Bronze Award, 2020
Kategori : Arsitektur

Project Description

A Rope For The Little, A Hope For The Big

The small one need the big one to grow but can’t afford it. They need space that are prestigious enough for the big and a great ladder for the small. While the big one is seeing them as competitor, but rapid changes of needs become a bigger problem than a wide gap between ant & elephant.

The same as the Middle East Ring Road, a strategic business district in Surabaya with big and little business that separated through building complex. There’s a transition area that act as a sign gate of this separation. The area is one of the Surabaya’s Economic hub that are developing so fast simultaneously with locals needs and rapid change that happen in the future.

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