Orlando Gamal - Desain Interior

National Museum of Indonesia

Nama : Orlando Gamal
Universitas : Universitas Tarumanagara
Jurusan : Desain Interior
Tema : National Museum of Indonesia
Penghargaan : Silver Award, 2018
Kategori : Desain Interior

Project Description

“Rituals of Gratitude”

As an archipelago that stretches over 5,000 kilometres wide and spanning
some 17,500 islands, Indonesia is home to abundant natural treasures, highly
diverse ethnicities, and lands seeped in history. Throughout that width and
breadth, numerous distinct cultures and ethnic groups respond the geography
with their traditions & characteristics.

Indonesian is well known as a humble, down to earth, warm-hearted & very
social person. Beside the characteristics, we also have a lot of traditions,
but there is one tradition in common that we usually do to thank God of how
we live. There are a lot of names among the ethnicities, in coastal area it
is called “Larung Sesaji”, in agrarian area it is called “ Wiwitan”, among
the Javanese people, it is well known as “Slametan”.They have the same
meaning, which is thank to God & pray for prosperity, good harvest, etc.
People prepared it together, making a lot of decorations, abundant of food,
& celebrate it together with the society, so it creates socialization,
warmness and togetherness while doing those processes.

The design of the Urban Canopy is to engage social interaction between
visitors, reconcile the past and the present, and create spatial experiences
to the visitors as the interpretation of Slametan tradition. Alot of
circular shapes & high elevations are used, inspired by the habits of
Indonesian when they are eating & get together, and interpretation of the
journey to the One Almighty God.The design concept is to build cultural
awareness of how rich our sources & heritages by using alot of metaphors &
showcase to the public.

In each spaces, we can see the visual impact that we hope can create a new
image about museum as open & welcoming cultural tourism.

Creating story in each part of the exhibition spaces makes visitors can have
new experience while they’re enjoying the collections.

Presentation Board