Garda Ady Yasa - Arsitektur


Nama : Garda Ady Yasa
Universitas : Universitas Brawijaya
Jurusan :
Penghargaan : Gold Award, 2019
Kategori : Arsitektur

Project Description


  • Issues

Nowadays, Indonesia is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. One of the factors of rapid economic growth is digital and creative industries. This future Indonesia economy has contribute nearly 10% of Indonesia’s GDP and still growing.

To respond to the changing industries, the goverment target our students to be “super creative and innovative”. While our school education system and infrastructure arent suitable for creativity and innovation.Infact, its backfiring to kill our student creativity.

To overcome this problem there are many external development of creative/digital hub to facilitate. Ironically, mostly these spaces are not serve the education purpose in creating creative ecosystem for younger generation, just being a business and social space.

We can conclude that there are two mains problem here, first bad education and infrastructure of Indonesia, second is the misunderstanding of creative hub function. So I proposed that there must be a common ground or hub for students and the local community to learn and connect.

  • Site

Located in Malang City, a fast growing city and one of nominee for creative and education cities in Indonesia. Site is located in the education center of Malang city, strategically ranging from schools to goverment area.

Site itself is an open parking lot of a mall with no educational / social activities in it. We tried to make it usable and accessible for local community. Besides that, the site is next to a controversial commercial space (mall) which should be a public / educational space for the surrounding community according to  Malang local goverment rules.

  • Solution

How to create a creative space? Its simple, make people interact and tinker. ““Ideas rise in crowds, as Poincaré said. They rise in liquid networks, where connection is valued more than protection.” What does it mean? Bunch of strangers passing or meeting together in one place are good source of ideas exchange. Site is a perfect place to be a hub for education and the public. So we connect all of these public spaces to become one with the site through bridges placed on the center of boulevard.

  • Conclusion

The 6000 sqm site with total of 4 floors provide a full acommodation to develop creativity in production creative industries of younglings in Indonesia. Not only that, the building also acommodate as a public park and education park to compensate the community and the city. Ground Floor is fully used for the public as a park / green space, playground for children, skate park, amphitheater, discussion room, and community market. In addition, the axis of the landscape headed towards the mall and TMP/Graveyard as a connector between the two synergized into one harmony. The main concept of the building is to accommodate humans/nature comfortably and fasten the production with biophilic architecture. So the activities inside become very effective also contributes to the environment naturally.

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